Holy Yoga Breathing Meditation

Holy Yoga Breathing Meditation

Gift yourself a moment to breathe and visualize in this sweet meditation by Jen Froning. She teaches the Holy Yoga Vinyasa class on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.

Be Still and Know

Come to a comfortable seat.
Breathing in Stillness.
Deep breath in through your nostrils. exhale fully through your nostrils. Continue for a few breaths.
Imagine a mountain. Large and majestic…
Created by a simple word.
See the beauty in the stillness.
Created by a simple word.
Picture the vast blue sky behind you.
Thoughts, like clouds, move slowly and effortlessly above you… some larger and darker than others, blocking the sunlight.
As you exhale, imagine your breath moving the clouds far away, allowing the sun to shine fully through, feeling the warmth on your face.
The SON bathing you in Radiant light.
Feel the peace.
let it radiate from you as you exhale…
sharing His light with the world.


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