Holy Yoga Breathing Meditation

Holy Yoga Breathing Meditation

Gift yourself a moment to breathe and visualize in this sweet meditation by Jen Froning. She teaches the Holy Yoga Vinyasa class on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.

Be Still and Know

Come to a comfortable seat.
Breathing in Stillness.
Deep breath in through your nostrils. exhale fully through your nostrils. Continue for a few breaths.
Imagine a mountain. Large and majestic……MORE

Superfood Smoothies

Superfood Smoothies

I have such a hard time coming up with great breakfast options in the winter because my favorite breakfast will always be a nice cold smoothie.

I am so excited to feel Spring in the air again! Now that it is the time of year when a cold breakfast finally makes sense again, I find myself poring over all of my smoothie recipes from year’s past and of course, inventing some new ones.…MORE


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Yoga will transform your state-of-mind

Take a moment to watch our video and get a sense of what it feels like to take a class at One Heart Yoga.


I have been a student of Mira's at One Heart Yoga for almost a year. I have had Yoga experience prior to coming here, but this was a totally different experience. Mira and all of the instructors she has working in her studio are focused on making sure each student gets the best possible yoga experience. My practice has come such a long way in such a short amount of time and it has made a great impact on my overall health. I would highly recommend Mira and her Yoga studio. – Vanessa Campbell

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